Unlock the full potential of every employee including those with a neurodiversity

“Instant Impact’s training transformed our team dynamics, unlocking new levels of productivity and understanding among our staff.”

“Instant Impact’s training transformed our team dynamics, unlocking new levels of productivity and understanding among our staff.”

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In a dynamic business landscape, it is crucial to unlock and understand every dimension of your team’s potential. Instant Impact creates inclusive training that is differentiated for individual learning styles and neurodiversity. We tailor our content to your organisation’s unique needs to create transformation, boost employee engagement, enhance productivity, and encourage a cohesive working environment.


 – Unlock Potential ​ Discover the hidden potential in your team, enhance problem-solving and creativity.

 – Cohesive Workforce ​ Empower your team to understand, communicate, and collaborate effectively.

 – Drive Productivity ​ Boost productivity by maximising the potential of neurodiversity.

Transformative Journeys, Realised Together

Discover personal experiences from business leaders who have harnessed the power of neurodiversity, unlocked innovation and empowered harmonious workplace dynamics with Instant Impact.

Just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying the course 🙂 And every session gives me something to take away. Yesterday’s chat with Gemma was inspirational and her ‘skill’ of patience made me think how important that is. Vanessa also called me afterwards and she said how much she’s taking away from it. I think it’s just having time to think about yourself and have someone ask the questions to you.

NS, Gerrard’s Cross, UK

“And! Get me! I’m in full throttle! GP referral, DONE. Website, PURCHASED. Business bank account, OPENED. Book on branding IN PROGRESS OF READING…. 😉

Em K, Norfolk

“Thank you for a great session last night – it was nice to finally meet you, and everyone else. It has certainly got me thinking – looking forward to next week.”

GM, Brighton, UK

We Work with Unique (one of a kinds)

Our clients are passionate about the businesses they craft, the ideas they champion, the solutions they create, and the unique perspective they have on life. That’s what makes them a great fit for Instant Impact. Our corporate clients are entrepreneurial, passionate about the products they offer, and the services they provide. Quality is their top priority. Doing what we love hinges on finding the right client partners, so we’re dedicated to finding the ideal people to work with – those who value their craft, value neurodiverse talent, value our expertise, and also happen to be genuine, lovably unique human beings. This means we turn down a lot of potential work – we say no to the wrong fit so we can say yes to the right fit.

Our work is not just our service – delivering transformative results to businesses and organisations is our testament. We fuse dynamic, pedagogic learning with a delivery that is differentiated for learning styles, neurodiversity, and retention. That’s how we’re able to come in each day with joy in our hearts.

You are in safe hands

We understand and share your frustrations. And, like you, we’ve had enough. It’s time for real change!

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Everyone needs a bit of help from time to time. Would you like a bit of extra support? Feast your eyes on the range of handpicked experts shortlisted for our Meet the Team page. Every one of them is qualified in their field, experienced and above all is a lovely, warm human being. Read more

Qualified and accredited

Our team are all experienced and qualified. We hold accreditations from a range of organisations and regulating bodies.

Customer approved

Instant Impact generates most new clients through repeat business and recommendations which is a testament to our level of service.


“Connect with us for bespoke solutions that maximise the potential of your teams’ unique talents.”

Feeling disgruntled with your progress through life? You’ve come to the right place.

WE’VE been there too! BUT that’s all about to change. It’s now your turn!

Instant Impact

Instant Impact provides professional coaching and training for businesses. Delivering high-quality courses and personalised support, we help our clients gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed.

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