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“The positive and energising impact has been remarkable. I only wish we did it sooner.”

Clare Howell – Business Owner

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And before you groan “Oh no, not another online course where I’m going to spend more hours chipping my nails on a computer keyboard”, No! This is your chance to spend some of your hard-earned cash on YOU. Work through real changes in your life, with us, live in your sitting room for 90 minutes every week, holding your hand every step of the way. Click on the links below to discover more about what we have to offer but for now…


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Sowing the Seed

PROGRAMME 1 where we’ll help you to rediscover who you really are, what you actually want and how you are going to get there.

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PROGRAMME 2  where you put those plans into action and start making the strategic changes needed to achieve your goals.

Just wanted to tell you how much I’m enjoying the course 🙂 And every session gives me something to take away. Yesterday’s chat with Gemma was inspirational and her ‘skill’ of patience made me think how important that is. Vanessa also called me afterwards and she said how much she’s taking away from it. I think it’s just having time to think about yourself and have someone ask the questions to you.

NS, Gerrard’s Cross, UK

“And! Get me! I’m in full throttle! GP referral, DONE. Website, PURCHASED. Business bank account, OPENED. Book on branding IN PROGRESS OF READING…. 😉

Em K, Norfolk

“Thank you for a great session last night – it was nice to finally meet you, and everyone else. It has certainly got me thinking – looking forward to next week.”

GM, Brighton, UK

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We are corporate and executive workplace trainers, A1 assessors and business coaches. Having worked with more than 2,430 individuals and organisations over 27 years, we know that no matter how different, people struggle with the same problems: lack of control over their lives; lack of clarity of direction; lack of confidence; lack of guidance, skills, or technical knowledge; lack of time and resources.

Corporate clients, we know how expensive and time consuming it is to recruit & retain the right person. We design workplace courses that can be accredited if wanted, corporate coaching and workforce upskilling to stop quiet quitting in its tracks, motivate and maximise the potential of your staff. Individual clients, we help you to get the financial recognition and respect you deserve in the best work environment for you.

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We understand and share your frustrations. And, like you, we’ve had enough. It’s time for real change!

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Everyone needs a bit of help from time to time. Would you like a bit of extra support? Feast your eyes on the range of handpicked experts shortlisted for our Meet the Team page. Every one of them is qualified in their field, experienced and above all is a lovely, warm human being. Read more

Qualified and accredited

Our team are all experienced and qualified. We hold accreditations from a range of organisations and regulating bodies.

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Instant Impact generates most new clients through repeat business and recommendations which is a testament to our level of service.


Feeling disgruntled with your progress through life? You’ve come to the right place.

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Instant Impact provides professional coaching and training for businesses. Delivering high-quality courses and personalised support, we help our clients gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed.

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